Automated Backup for your Cloud infrastructure.

Schedule your snapshots with the only AWS backup-as-a-service tool.

Hey AWS user!

You've ever heard about availability?

Are you a DevOps or a Cloud System Administrator? What about your Cloud infrastructure backup?

As Cloud power users, like you are, we were really concerned about our infrastructure availability: our mission-critical applications needed a lot of care to keep them up and running and to avoid the risk of data loss.

What if there were a smart tool to centrally manage backup and disaster recovery operations?

We didn’t find anything, so we decided to build it ourselves…


Noovolari Smart Backup is the only enterprise-ready backup and disaster recovery tool for infrastructures hosted on Amazon Web Services. It manages EC2 Instances, EBS volumes and RDS databases leveraging native AWS snapshots, and it's offered as-a-Service.

With Noovolari Smart Backup you get:

Live backup with no downtime

Protect your mission-critical services backing them up as frequent as you wish, while they’re up and running. Leverage built-in Cloud snapshots to get RTO and RPO near zero.

Infrastructure-wide consistent backup

Noovolari® exclusive application-aware processing technology let you backup multiple Cloud instances together and get a single snapshot of your whole infrastructure in a consistent state.

One-click recovery & file-level recovery

Recover the last good state of your whole application stack within minutes with a single mouse click. Cherry-pick single files from backups without having to restore the whole instance.

Do you know?

Thanks to Noovolari Smart Backup, you can avoid downtime and protect yourself from potential data loss caused by breakdown, human errors and natural disaster, saving time without worrying yourself sick.

Noovolari Smart Backup works both with Windows and Linux.

How it works

It's easy, it's smart, it's reliable!

Using Noovolari Smart Backup is “easy as pie”: register your AWS account under the console, install its agent and you’re ready to schedule your backup!

You can manage, supervise and recover a whole Cloud infrastructure from a single place, with a single click, even if you have more AWS accounts or if your resources spread across multiple regions.

It’s super-fast: configure it in a bunch of seconds and protect your Cloud infrastructure within minutes. Its agent is lightweight and smart: it’s application-aware, it gives you application and file-level consistency.

And Noovolari Smart Backup is super-secure! It won’t store any of your credentials, and it works with the principle of least privilege.

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