Neosperience is a digital services leader who wants to help their clients engage customers and grow their business.  Born in 2004, Neosperience is one of the first movers in the Digital Customer Market and the company can boast over 6 million of investments in “Neosperience Cloud Platform”. Neosperience was looking for a solid Backup and disaster-recovery solution that help the company in maintaining an RTO and an RPO near zero.  

The Challenge

  • Setting up an application-aware Backup Strategy that could keep their business always safe and up & running and, in case of necessity, which could bring their system back to a consistent working state without any data loss or misconfigurations.
  • Implementing a solution able to allow the easy, fast and reliable recovery of a compromised system and building a Disaster Recovery Strategy in line with the internal RTP and RPO requirements.
  • Getting a dashboard allowing Neosperience's developers to keep all the backup tasks under control daily from a centralized view

The Solution

  • Adoption of Noovolari Smart Backup, a Software as a Service solution that takes advantage of native AWS snapshots to manage, backup and restore EC2, RDS, Aurora, EBS snapshots and DynamoDB tables in a single click.
  • Definition, from the Noovolari Smart Backup console, of Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies, through fine-grained retention and cross-region/cross-account replica policies that allow the recovery of entire application stacks to a specific point in time, taking care of storage and configurations.
  • Monitoring and notifications are both included in the solution, providing control over all of your backup and Disaster Recovery activities from a centralized dashboard.

The Benefits

Managed solution

Thanks to Noovolari Smart Backup, Neosperience has the possibility to leverage on a Software as a Service solution, written and managed by the Noovolari team, to manage custom solutions from scratch to meet RPO and RTO requirements.


Noovolari Smart Backup enables the definition of elastic Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies in a centralized way, reducing dramatically the time spent to monitor and execute backup and recovery tasks.


Through the Noovolari Smart Backup agent, installed on the EC2 instances Neosperience needs to backup, each recovery point is application-aware. Application Stacks will be recovered to a consistent state, avoiding file system corruption and database inconsistencies.

About Noovolari and AWS

Noovolari Smart Backup is the smartest SaaS Backup and Disaster Recovery tool for Amazon Web Services infrastructures. By taking advantage of the great number of AWS services, Noovolari team could build a completely managed solution, based on microservices, delivered through the Software-as-a-Service delivery model. As a product listed on the AWS Marketplace, it is easy for Noovolari Smart Backup to perfectly meet customers’ needs: by finding and choosing Noovolari, Neosperience could find a reliable AWS Technology partner proving them with the right solution for setting up a complete backup and Disaster Recovery strategy.