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    Notifications are a primary concern for Noovolari Smart Backup as they allow the User to check Cloud resources and the related backups status.

    Noovolari’s notification system is roughly divided into 3 main area of interest: in-app alerts, email notifications, in-app notifications.

    In-app alerts

    The in-app notifications are useful to show the user if he/she is doing right in operating on Noovolari Smart Backup; they are presented as simple color-coded alerts to make easier for the user to understand what is going on. As per every software, they are triggered when something ends in a successful/unsuccessful way.

    Email notifications

    Noovolari always keeps the user up-to-date with accounts and resources status.

    The user will receive emails on a regular basis containing daily recaps.

    The email contains a detailed recap of each backup job and replica associated (if available) and potential errors (if existing).

    This report also shows if a specific backup job has failed, for what reason, and what resources are implied.

    These allow the users, for example, to be notified on their smartphone and thus being updated on their cloud backup status anytime, anywhere.

    The email receiving address can be changed from Noovolari profile view so that you can be notified even if you are not the owner of the registered account.

    In-app notifications

    In-app notifications alert the user about failed tasks or errors affecting backups. They also provide the user with a detailed description of the reason why the error occurred.

    Moreover, in-app notifications notify you with the final status (succeeded or not) of an ongoing task such as Recovery operations or FLR.

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