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    Resources in Noovolari Smart Backup are all the concrete elements you can backup.
    By default, all the resources are non-managed resources. In other words: non-managed resources are all the resources for which no backup in Noovolari Smart Backup has been created, yet.
    Every resource can have one or more backups associated and it can be recovered by disaster-recovery actions in Noovolari Smart Backup.

    When a resource is given as managed?

    A managed resource in Noovolari Smart Backup is each and every recoverable element of our supported services.

    A resource becomes automatically “managed” after any operation involving the specific resource take place, such as creating a backup-job (learn more here), creating a manual backup, or going through the installation of the Noovolari Smart Backup agent (learn more here).  At this point, the resource is ready to be managed and monitored by Noovolari.

    Please, note that once the resource becomes managed, it is included within the Noovolari pricing plan.

    While the change from “non-managed”to “managed” status comes automatically after one or more of the operation we mentioned above take place, if you need to rollback to a “non-managed” status, you have to change it manually from the “actions” menu of the specific resource.

    When changing the status to “non-managed”, you can decide to keep all the backups done for the specific resource or to delete them. In case you decide to keep them, they are saved to the user’s account.

    Note that once a resource is unmanaged, you won’t be able to do any recovery actions on the previous backups anymore, even if you decide to re-manage it.

    What are the supported AWS services?

    Noovolari smart backup support:

    • EC2 instances
    • RDS instances
    • RDS Aurora Cluster

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