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What is File level Recovery

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    Introducing File-Level Recovery

    Being a small or a big company, sooner or later you’ll face the need for a disaster recovery solution.

    Even if AWS or Cloud Computing solutions in general, can well fulfill this kind of needs, many adjustments have to be applied; some particular tasks are still difficult, especially for non-IT users.

    As Noovolari Smart Backup solution is based on snapshots, our backups are incremental backups, as previously explained. But snapshots still have some shortcomings, regarding picking up single files from a specific EBS snapshot.

    A skilled user can even pick files from a previous backup by recovering a resource from older snapshots. Anyway, doing this on our own an be a long hard slog. Rolling back an entire instance could be really time-consuming and more expensive then exploring a snapshot with File-level recovery.

    If you want to know how to use it, check our getting started article.

    When FLR runs to your rescue

    It is quite common to need to recover a file backed up in the past containing critical business data.

    Moreover, it happens to face the need to check snapshots’ content in order to verify in advance if a specific file exists in specific point-in-time referred to the snapshot.

    By choosing a backup from the list of backups managed by Noovolari, you can quickly browse files contained in your backed up volumes through our File manager application. Our user-friendly file explorer allows users to navigate through volumes, to pick up a single file (or more than one file), and to finally download it (or them) in an extremely easy way.

    Please note that File-Level Recovery is only available for EC2 EBS-backed backups of a given resource and exclusively in case all the volumes are not encrypted.

    When backing up a multi-EBS volumes EC2 instance, the resulting backup will contain a snapshot for each volume. So, when FLR is done for that particular backup, the user will be able to explore each volume mounted on the resource at the time the backup was made, with the same block-device mapping as the starting resource.

    Available regions

    FLR is available in the following regions:

    • eu-west-1 EU West (Ireland)
    • eu-central-1 EU Central (Frankfurt)
    • sa-east-1 South America (Sao Paulo)
    • us-east-1 US East (Virginia)
    • ap-southeast-1 Asia Pacific (Singapore)
    • other regions coming soon…

    If the region you need to use is not the list yet, press the exclamation point on the top-right of the card to contact us. Our team will be happy to get back to you!

    What is a session?

    Noovolari Smart Backup allows you to navigate through a backup’s snapshots with the user-friendly File Explorer.

    To do this, the user has 60 minutes of active Session to browse inside backup volumes

    After 60 minutes the session is automatically closed and the user has to create a new one to navigate through a snapshot.

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