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Backup questions

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    Is there a maximum number of snapshots you can create with Noovolari Smart Backup?

    Noovolari Smart Backup allows you to create from your AWS resources many backups as you want.

    Each Noovolari plan offers you a given number of managed resources. For each of them, it is possible to create an infinite number of backups, based on your needs. Each backup creates one or more snapshots on AWS.

    AWS accounts can manage a limited number of snapshots. Each limit changes depending on the service you are using:

    • EC2 instances support a maximum number of 10000 EBS backed snapshots (it is possible to increase the number of snapshots following this steps).
    • RDS instances support a maximum number of 100 manual snapshots per account (click here for more infos)

    My RDS instance backup failed, what can be a possible reason?

    If an RDS instance is not checked as “available”, AWS fails in doing backups.
    Anyway, it takes a few minutes for the instance to change its status to “available”, and you cannot access the instance, as explained in the following AWS FAQ

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