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How to backup your MongoDB replica set running on EC2 instances

With Noovolari Smart Backup it is possible to make a point-in-time snapshot of your MongoDB server installed on your EC2 instance, ensuring that your data is protected from errors, accidental loss or unwanted modification.

The EC2 snapshot will be visible and fully manageable both from Noovolari Interface and AWS Console.

To make a consistent backup of your EC2 instance containing a MongoDB server follow these simple steps:

    Login to your Noovolari Smart Backup account

    (not a user, yet? Sign up now for free!);

    Select the EC2 Instance

    Select the EC2 instance that contains a node of the MongoDB replica set from the Resource View by selecting “EC2 Instance” from the service dropdown.

    This operation will filter your resources showing you only the EC2 instances.

    Click on “Agent link”

    Click on “Agent Link” choosing it from the menu placed on the right or from the “Agent Tab”  located in the detail section of the resource

    Follow modal’s instructions

    A modal showing the instructions for installing Noovolari Smart Backup agent on the Ec2 instance will open.

    Access via SSH to the EC2 instance

    Access with SSH the EC2 instance you want to install the agent on and paste the install command in the “Script” card. If asked, insert the “Uuid” code and the “Api Key“.

    Provide MongoDB authentication to the agent

    After that, the agent installer will ask for MongoDB authentication. Answer yes or no depending on your configuration. If the answer is yes you’ll be asked to provide username, password and authentication DB name

    Repeat the cycle for the Replica

    Repeat all the steps shown above to backup all the EC2 instances in the replica set.

    Return to Noovolari Smart Backup

    You can now return to your Noovolari Smart Backup interface to associate the resource or all the resources contained in the replica set to a backup job to make a consistent backup.

    You can now register your backup job by following our guide.


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