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Cross-region replica

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    What is cross-region replica

    With the Cross-region replica feature, you can replicate a recovery point of a whole infrastructure across multiple AWS Regions.

    The challenge is being able to move snapshots from one region to another in a safe, smart, secure, timely, automated way.

    Enabling cross-region replica in a backup job

    When creating a new backup job, choose first which instances your backup job will manage and then select “Region” to activate replica for every recovery point in the backup job:

    By choosing region replica, Noovolari will search for you for encrypted volumes in any of the resources of the backup job, and then it will guide you in choosing the key-mapping to use to encrypt volumes in the new replica region. Noovolari is also able to manage encryption for you, if needed.

    As shown above, at the end of the backup job creation process, you’ll get a summary with the region replica checked.

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