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Getting Started

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    Noovolari Smart Backup in few words

    Noovolari Smart Backup is the smartest backup-as-a-service tool for managing backups and disaster-recovery of your AWS infrastructures.

    From Noovolari smart web console it’s easy to centralize the control of all your AWS resources, even in if spread across multiple AWS accounts and regions.

    Noovolari allows you to backup multiple instances, full application stacks or even a whole AWS infrastructure with no downtime.

    Moreover, Noovolari Smart backup ensures data integrity and full recoverability of your applications and OS thanks to its application-aware processing.

    Register a new account

    You can register a new account on platform by providing a valid email address (verification required) and by creating a secure password.

    Sign in link

    Click on “Don’t have an account? Sign up” link at the bottom of the login screen; Provide a valid email address and a secure password; Click “create account” button, check your email and confirm your account.

    Your account has been successfully created! Please, read carefully our “Terms of services” and “Private Policy” pages.

    Sign in – Login with Google

    Select “Login with Google” and choose the google account you want to use.

    You are now logged in!


    You can easily login by filling the form with your email address and your secure password or by choosing “login with google”.

    Forgot your password?

    Recover it by clicking on “Forgot password” link. Provide the email address associated to your Noovolari account and check your email to recover your password.

    First login

    If you are new on Noovolari Platform, you first need to register a new Cloud Account.

    Choose your Cloud provider and click “next”.

    Any Question?

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