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Installing Noovolari agent

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    What is Noovolari agent

    Noovolari Smart backup let you backup multiple Cloud instances together and get a single snapshot of your whole cloud infrastructure in a consistent state. That means all your instances (Ec2) will do a backup at the same moment to avoid data loss.

    If you want that kind of consistency you have to install an agent on every Ec2 Instance you wants to include in your infrastructure.

    Linux agent installation

    Firstly you have to go to the resources view and click on the Actions tab in the row of the specified resource, and click on “Agent link”. Then:

    • log on your instance
    • Copy/paste the script
    • Follow instructions

    Agent link for Linux

    It’s smart to install agent in a Linux distros (Ubuntu, Amazon Linux, Centos, Debian, Red Hat, Suse), you just have to access to the instance and then copy the script in the terminal and follow the instructions.

    In the installation the agent will ask you if you want the MySQL consistency (username and password needs to be provided). The agent will ask you consistency on every DBs on your server.

    If MySQL server in consistent every time Noovolari Smart backup do a snapshot of the infrastructure the sever will be freeze for the duration of the snapshot.

    At the end remember to paste the provided UUID and Api Key that you have received in the portal.

    Windows agent installation

    For a Windows instance, Noovolari will provide you a custom link.

    Agent link for Windows

    After accessing to your Windows instance, paste the given link in the browser, it will download an .exe installer.

    Known issue: on older  windows server versions, there’s a known bug that will make the downloaded file lose extension .exe . Just rename and add the extension to the file.

    Double click on the .exe file and the installer will start. During installation you will be prompted for UUID and Api Key, you can find them in the Agent Link action.

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