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Register a new backup job

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    Create your first backup job

    You can create a new backup job by clicking on “+” button on “backup job page”. After that, you will be able to associate instances to it (drag and drop). You can associate one or more virtual machine to the same backup job by dragging and dropping them to the backup job section.


    Backup jobs on running instances can be either agentfull (by installing our agent on your virtual machines, your instances will be freezed to a coherent state before snapshots are triggered) or agentless. You can choose

    backup typology by selecting “yes” or “no” in “consistency” section.

    Infrastructure Consistency 

    Both associating all the instances of infrastructure to the same backup job and installing our agent on each of them ensure also a coherent recovery point of the whole infrastructure.


    Select “yes” if you need to start up your backup job immediately after the creation of the new backup job. By selecting “no” you will be able to start it later.

    Retention rules

    You can add retention rules (max 5) to backup jobs by choosing the frequency of backups and the number of backups you need to retain.

    Note: each instance associated to the backup job you are creating will follow the rules you are setting up.

    If you need to change/add retention rules, you can select a backup job from the backup jobs list and, by selecting “resources” tab, you can edit retention rules associated by clicking on “edit resources” button.

    Retention Rule example

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