Cloud backup as a service Screen


Take advantage of native AWS snapshots with Noovolari Smart backup: manage, backup and restore EC2, RDS, Aurora and EBS snapshots in a single click.

Dashboard and notifications

Monitor all your backup and Disaster Recovery activities from a unique, user-friendly console

From Noovolari dashboard you can control all your backup and Disaster Recovery activities from a single place: you can easily monitor multiple resources at a time – full application stacks or even whole AWS Cloud infrastructures – check your backup jobs status and centrally manage tasks on multiple accounts or regions. You can also keep track of your RPO and RTO.

You can monitor processes completion; Noovolari gives you different kinds of notifications when specific tasks such as FLR and Recovery are completed.

Thanks to Noovolari smart UI, you always know at a glance if everything is ok. Each KPI is shown in a simple and immediate way, and it is easy to customize your dashboard according to your needs: you can show one specific backup job on the trending graph or all of them to get an overall view.

Easy backup creation

Create your backups and start scheduling your snapshots in less than a minute

Noovolari Smart Backup wizard makes the backup creation easy and fast: you can start automating backups and scheduling snapshots for AWS EC2 instances, RDS databases, EBS volumes, and Aurora databases just in a few clicks.

Give your backup a name and a description, choose the resources you want to back up, set the scheduling and the retention rules, and that’s all!

Noovolari leverages AWS native snapshots, so you won’t have any lock-in on our platform, and works both with Windows and Linux EC2 instances, RDS and Aurora databases, and EBS volumes.

Retention rules

Add up to 5 fine-grained custom rules for each backup job and customize them

Noovolari allows you to set up and customize retention rules for your back up jobs. You can add up to 5 fine-grained retention rules to each backup job by choosing the frequency of backups and the number of backups you need to retain.

Each instance associated with a backup job follows the retention rules set up for it.

Changing or adding retention rules is easy and quick: by selecting a backup job from the backup jobs list, you can edit the retention rules associated without stopping the running tasks.

Cross-region and Cross-account replica

Replicate your recovery points across multiple accounts and into different AWS regions

With cross-region replication, Noovolari allows you to replicate the recovery points of any of your backup across multiple AWS Regions. It is possible to move snapshots from one region to another in a smart, secure, timely, and automated way.

In the case of encrypted volumes, Noovolari guides you in key-mapping the encryption keys from the origin region with the ones you want to use in the replica region. Otherwise, you can let Noovolari manage the encryption mapping for you.

With cross-account replication, you can create a replica of your recovery points in an additional, separate AWS account. In this way, you can ensure the security of your Cloud infrastructure even if the primary account is corrupted. As for encrypted volumes in cross-region replica, Noovolari identifies them and helps you key-mapping encryption keys for the new snapshots in the different AWS account.

One-click Recovery

Bring back your infrastructure to a healthy state

One-click recovery allows you to bring back an instance to a healthy, working state, corresponding to a specific point-in-time, with a single click.

You can recover the last consistent state of a whole application stack, both choosing to replace the original infrastructure or to keep it alive for a forensic purpose.

If you choose to replace the current infrastructure, once the resources are recovered and the configuration, network, and device mapping are inherited by the new resources, the original not-responding infrastructure will be terminated.

Non-destructive recovery, instead, preserves the original resources after the recovery process is completed, so you can investigate what went wrong on your infrastructure.

File-Level recovery

Browse your snapshots, choose your file and recover only what you need

File-Level Recovery allows you to pick up single files from a selected backup and to recover them in a click.
Browse the file system of your instance without the need to restore it, find the item you’re looking for and download it in the blink of an eye.


Clone your existing resources and get a backup copy in the starting region

This feature allows you to clone an existing resource in a single click. When cloning a resource, a copy of the selected backup is created in the same region of the cloned resource.


Manage and monitor multiple AWS accounts at a time

With Noovolari Smart backup you can monitor and manage multiple accounts at a time from a unique web console. This is the starting point for cross-account replica keeping your recovery points secure


Keep everything safe and under control per security

Our priority is your infrastructure security: it works on the principle of least privilege, so there is no need to store any of your credentials. It supports 2-factor authentication and provides users with the most secure way to create a replica in multiple AWS accounts. Furthermore, even if your instances are encrypted, Noovolari Smart Backup manages KMS keys on your behalf to encrypt snapshot copies in the target account.