Better safe than sorry: start protecting your data in the cloud!

Smart backup release week is about to end and we are proud of the new features available.
Did you miss them?
Let’s go through them!

Cross-region Replica

Noovolari Smart backup is now able to replicate a recovery point of an entire infrastructure across multiple AWS Regions.

Cross-account Replica

Noovolari Smart backup can now create a replica in an additional AWS account. This feature ensures the protection of the recovery points by replicating them in a separate AWS account, even if the main account is corrupted.

Security improved

Noovolari Smart backup priority is customers’ infrastructure security: it provides them with the most secure way to create a replica in multiple AWS accounts. Furthermore, even if your instances are encrypted, Noovolari Smart backup manages KMS keys on your behalf to encrypt snapshot copies in the target account.

Business Continuity always guaranteed

Thanks to AWS features, Noovolari Smart backup protects your business from any kind of disaster. Moreover, by using Noovolari recovery solution, your instances will be recovered in a smart way, just in a few clicks.
But what if you missed a single file or even a directory of files? Well, in this case, File-Level Recovery with Noovolari is here to help.

Monitoring experience improved

Check our guiding dashboard and monitor your backups. Keep always an eye on RPO time of each Backup Job.

Now it’s up to you: start protecting your data in the cloud! You know,
“better safe than sorry” 😉

Feel free to contact us for scheduling a demo and finding out more about Smart Backup complete new feature set. Keep following us on our website and on our social media and stay up-to-date with the latest news from AWS Cloud and backup world!


Andrea Cavagna
FrontEnd developer at Noovolari Smart Backup

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