Here’s a little update on what the Smart backup team is brewing for you.

As an EPIC milestone, we released the Cross Region replica! From now on, you can configure your Backup Jobs to replicate the recovery points across other regions in your account. This is an important feature to improve your ability to recover from a region-wide failure and help you transition your infrastructure to other regions.

Region failures are rare but are an important matter to address on any disaster recovery plan, and now Smart backup can help you meet your requirements.

But hold your horses because this feature is not backward compatible and requires an update on the Smart backup IAM role on your account.

If you want it enabled on previously defined Backup Jobs, jump into your account section and click on the blue question mark to update your policy. Smart backup will take care of the rest.

noovolari mockup

Additionally, we enhanced our customer’s experience with some minor bug fixes:

    • Now you can see the status progression of a backup while it’s performed and consistent backups that still hasn’t communicated with the agent are marked as PENDING;
    • You will not be bothered anymore with our “Good job” alert on login. We know that you are smart (;
  • The check agent status is now working correctly in all cases.

As improvements, we made a cool new tutorial with dynamically generated data to show you how the dashboard will look after some time, and explain how to use Smart backup and guide you in registering your first AWS account.

So, what are you waiting for, try Smart backup now for free, you have a 30 days trial, or contact us to schedule a demo at our page.


Andrea Cavagna
FrontEnd developer at Noovolari Smart Backup

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